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Kirk Airport Solutions has four models of "Nested" and four models of "Stacked" designs for T-hangars.

NESTED T-HANGARS - The "Nested" design is generally considered the most efficient layout for housing individual aircraft of the three types of hangar styles. Nesting the tails in the center of the hangar reduces the overall length of the hangar, saving on valuable land area as well as reducing taxiway lengths.


Leesburg, VA 26 unit T-hangar

Gonzales,TX 10 unit T-hangar

STACKED "STANDARD" T-HANGARS - The "Stacked" design is probably one of the original design layouts for T-hangars. The "Stacked" hangar design is not as wide as comparable "Nested" models. It is because the unit depth is also the hangar width, but the overall length is longer.

MODIFYING DOOR SIZES & END UNITS - Did you know that you can mix door widths and modify end units on a T-hangar? Our structural design allows Kirk Airport Structures to affordably modify hangar units to meet your specific aircraft storage needs.

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