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Consecutive Box Hangars

Consecutive box hangars are another way of creating a multi-unit hangar facility. Each unit can be designed to house one aircraft to multiple aircrafts -- from single engine to the corporate jet. Just like T-hangars, the consecutive box hangar is one structure with each unit separated by a full height partition. One advantage of consecutive box hangars is the ability to have multiple door widths depending on the market demand.

Another option is the back-to-back consecutive box hangar. These are an economical solution for satisfying box hangar demand. 

Conroe, TX-- 8 unit back-to-back consecutive box hangar with 80 x 60 clear span on the end.

Dinwiddie, VA--6 unit 66' x 60' consecutive box hangar with 66'x 18' doors

Baton Rouge, LA-- 3 unit consecutive box hangar w/ 2 units at 100' x 80' and 1 unit at 70'x60'

Kerrville, TX -- 4 unit -- 36' x 42' consecutive box hangar

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