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Box Hangars

Kirk Airport Solutions designs and produces individual clear span hangars ranging in size from 50 feet wide for single and intermediate twin engine aircraft to as large as 150 feet wide for the FBO storage facilities or for the corporate cabin class turbine or jet engine aircraft.


We have experience incorporating various hangar door systems from hydraulic to electric bi-fold and bottom rolling doors. If our customer has a hangar door preference, we can incorporate that hangar door into our hangar system.


Kirk Airport Structures will certify the hangar door as an integral part of our hangar design.

 Paul's Valley, OK 85' x 24' Higher Power hydraulic door

Coulter Field, Bryan, TX 70' x 60' with a 20' x 30' office area.

60' x 16' Schweiss bi-fold door

Snyder, TX 100' x 83' with 80' x 22' Norco rolling door

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