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Airport Development: Our "Pro Airport" Model

The development of hangars is the biggest economic stimulus that helps airports grow.  When the airport and the aircraft owner partner, a win-win partnership is created developing a key component to help an airport grow and prosper.

Kirk Airport Solutions, Inc. has a very "pro-airport" approach to airport development. This pro-airport approach satisfies the needs and challenges of the airport management to generate additional revenue sources to sustain the airport as well as maintain ownership control of the structures.

The "pro-airport" approach:

  • allows for all costs to be captured and rates to reflect those costs

  • removes the political nature of municipality owned hangar rents to move to a more level playing field

  • creates the economic stimulus that will help sustain an airport environment  (e.g. fuel sales, maintenance, airport operations, etc.)

  • allows for the airport to be able to recoup more of its operational costs

In other words, this "pro-airport" approach will generate considerably more revenues than just land rent; the airport maintains complete control over the facilities, and the hangar is financed by the user through their ownership in the leasehold interest.

Please contact if you are interested in learning more about our "pro airport" development model.

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