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Our Hangar Structures


We design and produce several hangar structure solutions, including individual clear span hangars ranging in size of 50 feet wide for single and intermediate twin engine aircraft, to as large as 200 feet wide for the FBO storage facilities or for the corporate cabin class turbine or jet engine aircraft.

It is the hangar door that differentiates aircraft hangars from the rest of the Pre-Engineered Building market. The hangar door is the most crucial piece of equipment for the structure to function as intended, and it is the hangar door that defines the building specifications. Having a working knowledge of hangar doors is crucial.
What separates our structures from the other dedicated aircraft hangar manufacturers is by the hangar door system. All of our hangars are equipped with electric bi-fold doors. We realize that there are several other hangar door manufacturers in the marketplace as well. If our customer has a hangar door preference, we can incorporate that hangar door into our hangar system. We will then certify the hangar door as an integral part of our hangar design.


Learn more about our approach to building box hangars, consecutive box hangars and T-hangars.


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